The Motive For Teaching Personal Finance In High School

The Motive For Teaching Personal Finance In High School

The whole purpose of schooling is to teach children the skills they need to survive in the wide world. However, even though they’re taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, and even woodwork, they are rarely taught how to deal with their own finances.

To manage your own personal finances is basic and essential when you want to become self-reliant and when you want to put your life in order and start a home of your own. To have the fundamental understanding of personal finance means that you are better prepared to face life ahead of you.

It is very common, for instance, how young couples get on with their lives together with high hopes for the future, only to be met with disappointment and soon find themselves entangled in debt. This situation is just a result of not learning the essentials of personal finance.

Without gaining these basic skills soon enough, they may find themselves sinking deeper into debt. Then they start to lose whatever assets they had acquired, their homes, and possibly threaten their relationships.

Many young people don’t even know what happens if their bank account becomes overdrawn, or how important it is to save, even if it’s as little as $ 60 a month, or how careful you have to be when using credit, so it’s not surprise they will often find themselves in debt. To attempt to run your household without these skills is a recipe for failure.

For this reason, even when youngsters are still at high school, they should be taught these principles. It won’t be long before they are at university or starting a job, and even if they are still living at home at this point they need to acquire life skills in order to become independent.

This is therefore the time when they need to learn how to live within their means and how to save – before they are actually out in the world and can get burned.

Starting life with a basic financial knowledge will make all the difference as to whether or not this will be a successful beginning.

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