Refinance Mortgage Loan: Ignore Those Teaser Rates

Refinance Mortgage Loan: Ignore Those Teaser Rates

If you’re enticed to get a refinance mortgage loan because of the incredibly low initial rates, you’re actually looking at a teaser. Because most people believe that low rates indicate the best deal, they fall for the trap and find themselves locked in the vicious grip of a loan they cannot afford.

What are teasers?

You’ve heard it all. Avoid loans that offer very low interest rates during its first few years. They may seem harmless and most of the time, people like the idea of paying low interest rates early during the loan term. But after this, reality sets in.

The borrowers couldn’t cope with the rising adjustable mortgage rate, nor were they prepared for this painful reality. They were led to believe that with such low interest rates at the start, the next wouldn’t be so steep. But the rates of the adjustable refinance mortgage loan swings erratically and most often lingers on the high-rate scale.

You might have come across offers that boasted of “no hidden fees” or “no closing fees.” Beware. Closing fees cannot be done away with. There is the attorney to pay after he has wrapped up the deal, after all. There may be no closing fees directly charged to you, but the fee is added to your loan, which makes it all the more expensive.

If you’re also told that it’s all right if you’ve got less for the expected downpayment, do your homework. A monthly fee for the Private Mortgage Insurance will be levied against your loan and you’ll be paying this insurance for years, adding to the burden of paying the loan for 15 or 30 years.

Shop Around and Compare

Avoid companies with seductive offers. You’ll know one when you become familiar with those that are blunt about their fees and their services. They have nothing to hide and they have several programs that are well-suited to your financial situation.

Unlike most unsuspecting loan applicants, do your research thoroughly. Haste will only lay waste to your finances. Fortunately, many companies speak plainly when it comes to fees. They will take the time to explain everything – the fees, the processes involved, your responsibilities, and their role.

Get a refinance mortgage loan with eyes open. Fees are always involved, but you can always compare one company’s fees to another. There may be a fraction of a difference, but if the fees are very low or almost “non-existent” be wary.

Use the online mortgage calculators to get a preview of your monthly payments for 30 or 15 years. You will note that there are other fees added like taxes, the amount of which varies from state to state. These calculators provide the transparency and the assistance you’ll need to understand how your money is spent. But when you shop around, don’t immediately fill out forms. Use your powers of observation. Online brokers will help you sift through the multitude of information that makes your shopping for a refinance mortgage loan company difficult.

Since this will be another loan for you, you’re better off getting the assistance of a refinance mortgage loan broker. The right broker can match your specific needs with the right mortgage company.

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