Debt Management 101: Enjoy A Stress Free Life Again!

Debt Management 101: Enjoy A Stress Free Life Again!

Did you know that the total personal debt in the UK at the end of April 2008, had amounted to £1436 billion! One person declares bankruptcy in the UK every four minutes! Why do you think these statistics exist? Why are people these days going into debt before even getting their first job? Most households are incurring debt because of how easy it is to get a credit card. Think of the number of times and the places people are offered credit cards in a single day. Creditors are practically begging you to take on a credit card or two so they can charge you high interest rates to make their profit. You can avoid becoming a statistic by utilizing a debt management plan to manage your expenses efficiently and remove stressful debts completely from your life.

Debt Management is the strategy or plan an individual utilizes to pay off any amounts owed to third parties and creditors. Some people feel that debt is a part of daily life, due to unfortunate situations beyond their control or because of bad choices they made. These people have not had the chance to see how an efficient debt management plan can change your life. Your debts can actually be effectively controlled with disciplined saving and spending habits retained through efficient debt management.

The key to getting in control of your debt is to understand what a good debt is and what a bad debt is. Debt management will break down your debts for you to understand the difference. Do you find yourself spending money on something that immediately goes down in value? If your expenses depict no potential of increasing in value, you are most likely holding a bad debt. If you use high interest credit cards to acquire disposable merchandise without paying off the complete balance, you are preparing yourself for financial turmoil. Debt management can get you back on track so you do not have to feel powerless about paying off your debt.

Good debt can be obtained by investing in debt that creates value and by implementing a proper debt management plan into place. If you possess a debt that is tax deductible, it is a good debt to carry. Good debts are investments such as home mortgages, real estate loans, and student loans which eventually produce more wealth for you in the long run. Most households are pushed into debt because they do not have their finances organized in a manner which will let them pay off what they owe on time. The key questions to ask yourself are: Is the item I’m buying losing value? Is the amount I paid for it going to keep on increasing? You will know you have a proper debt management plan that is working effectively if you can say that your total personal debt is not exceeding 36% of your total income.

A good debt to acquire would be a mortgage because it adds to your wealth overtime. If you are borrowing to buy a home or an apartment it is an advantage to your investments. It is the quickest way to gain wealth since you are buying your home and you no longer have to deal with paying rent. It is also considered a smart debt management decision if you use your credit card to buy a new car with better mileage considering the gas prices only keep rising.

Along with having a stable debt management plan, it is also important to keep up with your monthly payments. Most people are hurting their credit ratings by making their payments over 30 days late. Creditors and lenders report late payments to the credit bureau when people fail to make their payments on time. Another thing to watch out for are those appealing and addictive store credit cards you keep getting offered for an amazing discount at your favourite department store. Sure, you get a great discount on the stuff you purchased for taking on a store credit card, but consumers fail to realise the creditors are misleading them by increasing the interest rate drastically after a couple of months.

Debt Management will prevent your debts from overtaking your life. The top ten causes of debt are financial ignorance, banking on future predictions, lack of communication skills between family members, absence of savings or not enough savings, unemployment, gambling, medical expenses, poor money management skills, divorce, reduced income with higher expenses. Some situations in life cannot be prevented but there is no reason why you cannot save yourself from financial decay and avoid bankruptcy by implementing and following an efficient debt management plan. Credit cards should essentially be used for emergency backup situations and not for regular monthly expenses. If you’re using the credit card regularly, an effective debt management plan can be drawn out to revise your budget and cut down on minor expenses so you don’t have to depend on credit cards anymore. So take the first step in the right direction and find the ideal debt management plan for you.

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